In-Game Name: Steiner Jager Verruckt

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:107982224

Age (must be at least 15) : 16

Hours played on server (must be at least 3 days): 1 Week 3 Hours

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail: The only warning I really recall was one from Ernst Wulk because I was in my apartment and I jumped out of the window and he got mad he didn't catch me and warned me for failrp I think it was. But he's gone now so yeah.

Have you had any experience previously as a staff member on another server? If yes, state which server you worked for, which position you held on that server and for how long you held the position. Was a T-Mod on Voltic and was T-Mod on a Jail RP server. Both collapsed.

Do you have experience with ULX commands? I have basic ULX knowledge.

What can you bring to the Staff team?:(100 words minimum) I can bring unique nature to it, closer connections, advice, relationships between unchartered grounds of people. I can bring problem-solving and new ideas and people to Hyland Gaming. The motivation for doing their jobs and not being a very strict guy that doesn't stand in the way of the server and players complain about. I also wouldn't base my entire time off of just being a staff member if I do become one. But I hold confidence that I won't be corrupted or be changed by it like some people do (not saying names, most of the people I am thinking don't play anymore or left) and I can help out when necessary when issues may arise or assistance is needed.

Why would you like to join the staff team?:(75 words minimum)
I would like to join the staff team because being in the OKW people often feel helpless sometimes when they look up to a General and they arent staff. I think that's something a lot of people that have been generals in OBK and places unknown can agree with in high positions in the military/city. I am sure many people would be pleased with me becoming a staff member. Many being high staff, Mods, T-Mods, and regulars alike. I have considered for a long time being a staff member for this server. And now I have gotten a strong urge to become one. And also to maybe pitch in a bit more in events and such if ever.
How often can you be online?: 1-2 hours per regular weekday if the population is good. Weekends 4-8 hours per day. Irregular days such as holidays I am free for could vary.

What is your timezone?: EST

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Please state three references: Friedrich Nietzsche, Keitel not KETEL, Werner Hanz.
(No high staff)

im serious its not ketel.