Out-of-Character Section

OOC/Steam Name: Cadet in the Making/ Otto Muller
Your Steam name and your OOC nickname (if any).

Your SteamID. Use https://steamid.io/ to find it.

Age: 17
How old are you currently?

Current Playtime: two days and twenty hours
Enter utime_enable 1 in your console if you can't see your game.

Country & Timezone: United States Central
Your country you live in and your timezone.

When did you join the server? For how long have you been in the NSDAP?: I joined the server about two months ago.I then decided to join the NSDAP and made my way to head of propaganda.I then was promoted by the previous Gauleiter to head of the judicial branch. And i was then promoted to the rank of Hauptbefelsleiter.
When did you start consistently playing on Hyland Gaming 1943RP? Use the most recent date of joining.

For how long have you been in the party?: 2 months
When did you join the NSDAP? Use the most recent date of joining.

Can you speak and type English fluently? yes

Do you own a microphone?: yes

What puts you above the other applicants? Why should you be picked for this position? What do you need to improve on?: I should be made a high NSDAP rank due to my high knowledge of the party.My many high up leadership positions on other servers, for example i was the American General of the Army,Generalfeldmarschall,Generalleutnant and The Gauleiter.I know what i'm doing and have been around the block a few times.I could lead the NSDAP in a better direction and put hope into the civilians hearts.Also as a state official i would make sure the military would be put in line and make them disciplined and a formidable fighting force.I would make sure all Reich officials would be safe and no type of assassination could be made.I will make the Reichstag the most feared building in all of Berlin.Now to my cons i tend to have a temper and get very angry very fast and i just need to keep a leveled head.Other than that i should be fine.
Why should you be selected? (100+ words)