My Name Ingame is: Warsteiner, Adolf

What my Steam ID is? Here:STEAM_0:0:84446586

Age (must be at least 15) : 16 (in 4 Months 17)

Hours played on server (must be at least 3 days):
4 Days and some Hours

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail:
N/A I never was kicked or banned from a server.

Have you had any experience previously as a staff member on another server? If yes, state which server you worked for, which position you held on that server and for how long you held the position.
Oh yeah I have experience, on a good Nazi Roleplay server as Moderator. And thats like for > or <7 Days.

Do you have experience with ULX commands?
Yes i have now. ! / / warn /blogs /menu / ect.

What can you bring to the Staff team?:

Actually, i can bring to you a european admin, so i can whitelist even European guys who are online when you guys a sleeping and i dont have to tell then : "Sorry, but you have to wait 6-9 Hours so a admin can came on to whitelist you. " So i know you want to get a mixed team from different time zones.You know that im a proud boy are who like to play on this server and want to help ever single Player to have a good time on our server

Why would you like to join the highstaff team?.
Actually this question is useless for me, but i want to get into the Highstaff so i can organize more events with Otto, Heinrich, Bison ect. and i still like you guys <3 ;'* I like to help people (Whitelist from Anwärter to Schütze ect.). You guys take care of me that i cant speak that good english like you and respect this. Larson can speak epic speeches and you all are funny.

How often can you be online?: So often i can (nearly every day

What is your timezone?: My Timezone is CET (UTC +1)

Do you have a working microphone?: Of course, but i want to bough a new one

Please state three reference :
(No high staff)
I still dont know what the fish this is :3 xD

your Sincelery (Mit freundlichen Grüßen)
Warsteiner, Adolf
Germany (Deutschland)