In-Game Name: Rick Garcia

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106382587

Age (must be at least 15) : 19

Hours played on server (must be at least 3 days): (i cannot find where to see how many hours i have on the server but i know i dont have 3 days)

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail: No never.

Have you had any experience previously as a staff member on another server? If yes, state which server you worked for, which position you held on that server and for how long you held the position. Ok so i've been staff 4 times in the nazirp (werwolf gaming) holding senior moderator and admin, and i've been on that for a while. I've been in darkrp (Moderator), and once on scprp (trial moderator) i resided due to not having time

Do you have experience with ULX commands? yes, !goto,!bring,!gag, !mute, !send, etc

What can you bring to the Staff team?:(100 words minimum) Well i think i can bring alot to this server, as i have/had alot of experience with the commands, i'm that type of guy that like to make friends in rp or in the staff. I also know that the server is new, so I want to help this server grow and grow until it because a very famous community, because i know we (hyland team/community) have potencial to become one of the best that already exist. I belive that i already made alot of friends on discord staff and players. And i'm that type of person that even if im rping i will go to someone that calls a staff, and i think i can say this, i'm a guy that plays alot of hours GMOD, for example the mingers like to join in the early morning because they know that theres no staff online, and i can prevent that as i said i'm a guy that plays alot of hours and joins in the morning and leaves in the end of the day. One disadvantage that i have (you guys probably already noticed) is that my english is not perfect but i've been rping in other server and people can understand what i say.

Why would you like to join the staff team?:(75 words minimum) I would like to join the staff team as i said before i have past experience, and i want to help the server grow and be part of that, not to mention that i love this server. I love helping people is one thing that i've been doing for a long time in real life and ingame, i feel happy that i can help the others have a better RP experience. Another thing is that as i said before i'm a really active person, i prefere playing as a staff on duty then actually RP'ing, because well that's what i'm appling for, to work as a staff member.

How often can you be online? depends but i would say like 10-12 hours per day, except monday that would be less hours.

What is your timezone?: UTC +0

Do you have a working microphone?:a Yes i do

Please state three reference : I don't have reference from people but i do have screenshots of me beeing staff in other server.
(its on the imgur link)

(No high staff)