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Wolfe Dietrich's Staff App

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Alex T-Mod
Trial Moderator
In-Game Name:
Wolfe Dietrich
Steam ID:
Age (must be at least 15) :
Hours played on server (must be at least 3 days):
2 days (Have been playing everyday since Saturday the 19th)
Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail:
Have you had any experience previously as a staff member on another server? If yes, state which server you worked for, which position you held on that server and for how long you held the position.
Yes I have a lot of experience with staff.
1. Goliad Gaming: Superadmin, 5 months
2. Venomous Guskyer Gaming: Admin, 1 month
3. AAGS: Owner, 6 months
4. ARAGS: Owner, 6 months
5. Armour Gaming; Owner, 4 months
Do you have experience with ULX commands?
What can you bring to the Staff team?:(100 words minimum)
I can bring a devoted person who does not only work as a staff member but also as a player seeing how the players feel and how they would better improve the server. i would also bring a staff member who is active seeing as when I am on there are only A: High Staff B: No staff. I can also bring someone who has experience staffing and knows the inner workings of a server and how it works. I also bring a cool headed person who listens to both sides of the story when I am called to do an Admin sit.
Why would you like to join the staff team?:(75 words minimum)
I would like to join the staff team because I really like the server and the players and staff that occupy it. But I can also see that the server needs help seeing as it is a relatively new server. I also just love the experience of being able to help the players and not sitting idly by as a mass RDMer or FailRPer run rampant. It is also very nice to be able to be apart of something and not just sitting here doing nothing all day.
How often can you be online?:
I can be online on the weekends from about 1 CST until 11 CST. On weekdays I am available from around 4 CST until 9 CST.
What is your timezone?:
Central Standard Time CST
Do you have a working microphone?:
Please state three reference : Heinrich Walters, Scotty, Hans Dietrich
Posted Jan 30, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 30, 19
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Head Moderator
As High-Staff, I completely recommend this man to be a staff member. He has shown outstanding work as an RP'er and also has many other attributes that would be very useful towards the staff team. With all of my respect, I give this man a +1.

-Heinrich Walters, Head Moderator
Posted Jan 30, 19 · Last edited Jan 30, 19
Otto Schafer H-Admin
Head Administrator
I am also going to agree with Heinrich Walters, This man would be a great asset to this sever +1
Posted Jan 31, 19
Head Moderator

High Staff liked the application (and Scotty)
Posted Feb 1, 19 · Last edited Feb 3, 19
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